I’ve been working on a startup company called MileTrack GPS for the past 3 years. It’s designed to eliminate the pain and frustration of business mileage tracking.

I developed this first and foremost for myself. I’m a software development consultant and was tracking my mileage by hand while driving around town working for various companies. Writing down mileage in a log book was painful.

Back when I started this project, Adobe Flex was the pinnacle of Rich Internet applications. This website spawned from those glory days. While the flash platform will live on and still be useful for many applications, for my purposes, it’s deprecated. The maps APIs for Flex I’ve relied on are steadily becoming deprecated. As such, I’ve taken on the task of moving to a JavaScript framework called Angular JS.

The new webapp is about 90% completed. You can view a demo of it below.

Angular JS has some similar features to Flex in that it does databinding. It’s not as easy to use or straightforward as the Flex implementation, but for my purposes, it works. I also now have access to the latest Google JS maps apis. This is especially important for being able to run the webapp on tablet computers.

If you have a chance, check out Angular JS

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