10  Sep

I recently received an e-mail from Christopher Deschenes at Architexa. I don’t usually do blog posts based on requests, but I decided to give Architexa a go. It looks to be free for small teams of 3 or less. It’s a tool based around an Eclipse plugin for helping you quickly understand and documenting your Java code.

It seems very useful for helping get a new developer up to speed with a codebase. It allows you to visually explore a Layered Diagram to quickly see what packages depend on others. You can also drill down to the individual class level to see what it’s dependencies are. Thicker arrows indicate more dependencies.

You can also open up a Class Diagram to get more details on how dependencies flow. In the below example, I wanted to drill down to see what error handling I had for the Captcha system in miletrack. You can easily jump over to the code once you find what you’re looking for.

For an easy way to see what calls and objects are returned from those calls, you can use the sequence diagram.

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