MileTrack GPS is pain-free business mileage tracking. The gist is that you track your mileage driven using a smartphone or GPS device, upload to the service, and later generate a mileage expense reimbursement report. If you’re interested, we offer a 60-day free trial to test out the system. Head on over to to check it out. I’ll also be blogging over there a bit more in the future, so make sure to add that blog to your RSS Feed. We’re on twitter as well @MileTrackGPS

I’ve been working on this project in some way/shape/form for a year and a half now. It started as an electronics project where I was just working on a hardware GPS device. It later morphed into a software project as well once I realized that I couldn’t just sell a piece of hardware alone without competing against really cheap knockoffs manufactured in China.

So, was born to solve a pain I had in my life. I wrote a bit about solving this pain with a process over on

The web front-end is designed of course, with Flex 4.5. The backend is using Java, Spring, GraniteDS, Hibernate, Amazon RDS, all running on the Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. Everything is built with Flex-mojos and maven.

We just released our FREE Android App for tracking mileage to the Google Market. This was developed using Titanium Appcelerator. I blogged a bit about my experience over at about why I chose that platform for mobile instead of Adobe AIR. Even if you have no real business need for tracking mileage, please give our service a try for the fun of it and send feedback to help us improve the service.

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