I had the privilege of speaking to the Indy Flex User Group last night on the topic of Degrafa. While I’m not one of the architects or contributors to the project, I do make extensive use of Degrafa in most of my personal and consulting development work. Below is presentation material and example code I used during the presentation. All the examples have view-source enabled. Just right-click.


Simple Circle Example:

Button Skinning Example:

Component Development Speedometer Example:

Axiis Example:
Smith Chart Example

ChromaPassword FXG Example:

MiniShapeDesigner Example (note, not mine):

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I’m slated to speak at 360|Flex San Jose on March 7-10 on the topic of GPS data and doing neat things with it in Flex/AIR. I’ll be co-presenting along with Randy Troppmann. Randy had been doing work for quite awhile in the GPS space with his work on runningmap.com. Runningmap.com is a website that allows runners/walkers/joggers/movers to track and catalog their accomplishments. They’ve also developed an iPhone application that can record your gps track as you run. It’s quite an honor to be able to present with such an accomplished developer.

I’ve been holding off on doing a blog post about 360|Flex until I could give you a sneak peak of the new prototypes of Swift GPS. Swift GPS is a wearable hardware device that will allow you to record GPX files to a USB thumbdrive that tracks your current position and movement. During my part of this session, we’ll go into how to take this GPX data and do neat things with it in Flex like overlay the data onto a 3D map. Other highlights will be doing a bit of heat-mapping using the GPS data.

This conference WILL SELL OUT, so don’t be one of the hundreds of chumps posting regrets to your twitter account after the conference starts and you didn’t get in. Click on my 360|Flex badge on the right-side of the blog to sign up today. If I win the speaker suite for the most signups through my blog badge, I’ll give away a prototype device to one of the people who helped put me over the top. Don’t wait. Sign up today.

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If you followed my previous post, you know I dug into some serious networking in order to get myself some static IP addresses. As of today, FlexJunk has officially become self-hosted. Since fixing the IP issues, I’ve built a new server box to house flexjunk.com. I had never built a rack-mount system, so this was my first foray into that arena.

Ubuntu Server 9.10 64-bit OS
IStarUSA WO2-15B 15U Open Frame Rack
ARK 4U-500-CA Black Rackmount case
Intel Core i7 2.66GHz
12GB DDR3 1600 Ram
6x Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 80gb drives (RAID 5)

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