I’ve been using the ObjectHandles flex library project for quite some time. It’s used in the Nitro-LM Admin tool to give us resizeable horizontal menus.

In the new version of ObjectHandles2, we have the ability to use Sprites as the drag handles to resize and move objects around the screen. I was recently made a committer on the project and have added some functionality to allow Degrafa to be used to draw the handles and rotate them along with the object. Check out Example7 that highlights this new functionality.

ObjectHandles2Example View Source is enabled

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  1. Mike K Says:

    Interesting how, in Example 5, the drop-down part of the combo box does not rotate with the rest of the combobox!

  2. Andrew Says:

    I’m guessing that the rotation property of the combo box doesn’t get applied to the dropdown list since it’s a popup component and not a true child of the combo box. They might know the answer on the objecthandles google group. I only worked on Example7.

  3. James L. Says:

    Enable/Disable the combobox will do.

    I have also seek another feature which I have email to the developer of the OH to implement group objects selection much like those you select a bunch shapes in Powerpoint/Impress. Then you could either move/resize them together.

    This feature will need your contribution as the author do not have the time to implement it.

    For more interesting example about OH, you might want to see my incomplete application, wePaint, for your reference. Note that I am using version 1 and have not updated my application since.


  4. Andrew Says:

    @James. I think ObjectHandles2 has some multi-selection capabilities in it. I haven’t tried it out yet though.

  5. James L. Says:


    Maybe there is, I referring the group selection is not by selecting each objects directly but using a rectangular marquee tool to detect and select objects within the area.

  6. flex image handler | ???? ????? Says:

    [...] http://www.flexjunk.com/2009/08/25/objecthandles2-and-degrafa/ [...]

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