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I came across this infosthetics blog post discussing a Javascript interface for doing Chroma password.

I hadn’t yet had a chance to dive into any Flex 4 stuff, so I thought this might be a good little opportunity to play around with it. My algorithm isn’t exactly as described in the blog post, but it seems to work effectively. I’m using a portion of the SHA256 hash to generate the various colors. I’m animating between colors so as long as you type more than 1 character every 1/2 second, a screen grabber can’t grab the intermediary colors and figure out your password through trial/error.

This type of component is useful for ensuring that a person has entered their password correctly or to help them notice right away that their capslock key was on while typing it.

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Posted by Andrew, filed under Flex, security. Date: July 31, 2009, 4:05 pm | 1 Comment »

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  1. Anand Sharma Says:

    hey thanks for the brilliant work and making it available to us i tried it after rectifying some of the error i got zero error application but for some reason when i run it it throws up a blank screen… can u help me on this…would be good if you post the exact code that ran on your system…waiting for your reply..

    thanks mate..

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