Off and on, I’ve been working making the Flex DragManager work in AIR. I’ve been vocal in trying to get SDK-13983 fixed. This feature is really useful because you have no control over the DragProxy’s alpha value in AIR because it’s controlled by the operating system. If all operating systems defaulted to 0.5 alpha, all would be well, but OSX thinks that the drag proxy should be completely opaque and Windows thinks it should be 0.5.

The MonkeyPatch to fix this issue was posted to my Google code repository. Its only problem was that the mouse cursor for drag feedback disappeared when you were using a child window. I’ve added one small patch to UIComponent which fixes this issue. Grab the latest code if this is of interest to you. Let me know here if you have trouble with it.

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Posted by Andrew, filed under AIR, as3, MonkeyPatch. Date: March 16, 2009, 12:03 pm | 2 Comments »

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  1. intoxo poxed » Blog Archive » AIR workarounds: drag and drop Says:

    [...] this one for a while. I was digging through the latest Flex sdk pulling my hair out when I found this post of his. Without it, I’d probably still be digging. As his post mentions, he has everything [...]

  2. Redliner Says:

    amazing :) it really works, you just saved my day ;)

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