My Cluttered Desk

My Cluttered Desk

I’ve started a new project. It’s quite a bit different than the Flex/AIR stuff I’ve been posting about in the past. My day job is still doing Flex/AIR, so consider this a minor interruption in your regularly scheduled programming.

In my home office, my desktop is now cluttered with the tools of the trade. I’ve figured out how to wire a demo GPS board to my microcontroller development board. The whole mess is wired to my laptop using a USB cable. I write C code on the laptop that I can push down to the microcontroller for testing and debugging. The first major hurdle has been cleared which is getting the devices talking to each other.

I hope to post updates every so often on the project. In some ways, I guess it’s somewhat Flex/AIR related since the device (when released) will eventually target other developers who can do some interesting things in their software with it.

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03  Feb
360|Flex Indy

I’ve been accepted as a speaker for 360|Flex Indy. Make sure to get your tickets early to get a better price. The longer you wait, the higher the ticket price goes. It’s exciting that this conference is going to be in my backyard this time. Should be a good time.

Here is a link to the schedule. My session is Monday at 4:00 in Olive color.

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If you want to use both the nice Flex Dragmanager in an AIR app, you need to use a monkeypatch to make it work. I’ve taken the code about as far as I can on my own, so I’d like to enlist my reader’s help.

What you can do:
1.) Vote on
2.) Figure out how the low-level DragManager code works (better than I can) and help work on the monkeypatched code at

What works:
1.) Using Flex dragmanager inside an AIR WindowedApplication.
2.) Using the AIR dragmanager in the same app.

What’s broken:
1.) Using the Flex Dragmanager inside mx:Window. The cursor disappears while dragging.
2.) Flex dragmanager between mx:Windows (not sure DragManager was ever designed for this)
3.) Other stuff I haven’t tested yet.

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