WCAP On Gentoo-64

WCAP On Gentoo-64

Being an uber-geek, running a standard linux distro just isn’t enough excitement for me. For my business’s server, I run Gentoo linux. I use it mostly for subversion, but I also wanted to try out some AIR apps on it. The first hurdle to overcome was that AIR is a 32-bit app and my Gentoo install is 64-bit. I needed to emerge two libraries to get the necessary 32-bit versions of them.

emerge -av emul-linux-x86-baselibs emul-linux-x86-gtklibs

I tried running the standard AIR installer for linux, but got stuck when it said that I could only install on debian based systems like Ubuntu.
To get around this, download the AIR-SDK: http://www.adobe.com/products/air/tools/sdk/

I untar’d it to AIR-SDK in my home folder.

mkdir ~/AIR-SDK<br />
cd ~/AIR-SDK<br />
tar -xvjf ~/air_1.5_sdk.tbz2

Next, I downloaded WCAP Pro and unzipped it to AIR-APPS/wcap

mkdir ~/AIR-APPS/wcap<br />
unzip WCAPPro.air -d ~/AIR-APPS/wcap

Finally, I created a desktop shortcut to run as the root user and setup my icon for it.


I had tried to run it as a normal user, but the system would only work when I ran it as root. I’m not quite sure yet why it requires root access to work correctly.

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