It’s become part of the nomenclature to call Flex coders “Development RockStars”.  At the Simplified Logic booth this year, we decided to just go with it and hand out RockStar sunglasses for swag.

360|Flex RockStars

360|Flex RockStars

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23  Aug
360|Flex wrap-up

The 360|Flex event in San Jose was a success in my book.  I manned the Simplified Logic booth most of the time, but I did find some time to go to some great sessions.  I learned many tips and tricks that I could apply to my own development efforts.

My session on Encrypting Flex was fairly well attended.  There were lots of good questions from the audience.  I probably could have done a better job preparing for my talk, but I’ll wait until the comments come back from the surveys to flagellate myself over that too much.

Without further ado, here are the materials from my presentation.  The audio will have to wait until my presentation gets uploaded to the Adobe Media Player RSS Feed.

Encrypting Flex, Protecting Revenue, and Making Cash (PDF)
flexembeddingexample1 (zip)
flexencryptionexample1 (zip)
flexencryptionexample2 (zip)
flexencryptionexample3 (zip)

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I finished up my 360 presentation on Encrypting Flex, Protecting Revenue, and Making Cash yesterday.  I’m quite pleased with it.  It’s fairly slide-light and demo-heavy which is what I enjoy when going to 360 sessions.

I’m going to be showing a number of different encryption techniques, looking at several obfuscators, and showing what an cairngorm modular app looks like (in development) when each module is encrypted and protected from decompilers.  I’ll also go over a couple of techniques to protect your revenue stream from an application, and also a couple of ways you/your company can make additional cash or save time and money (which is pretty much the same as making cash).

If you weren’t quick enough to get tickets, too bad, so sad…All sold out!  I believe they’re at least going to have screencam and audio from my talk.  If I get ahold of it, I’ll post it here afterward along with my code examples.  See you at eBay.

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