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I was working on enhancements to the NitroLM admin tool for visualizing users in the system and what computers they’ve used. When it comes to licensing software, knowledge is power, and the visual links really demonstrate well when someone isn’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing. We called this guy in the UK about how his demo of our software was going. He thought it was great and really useful software, but he didn’t want to have his boss actually “PURCHASE” it for him. His solution was to keep re-registering for demos under new gmail accounts. His machine is going to be blacklisted in the system in short order.

To do the visualization, I used the open-source library flexvizgraph. You may remember it from the BirdEye application. This new feature in NitroLM really highlights the power of the Flex/AIR visual environment.

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Well, another 360Flex has come and gone. I must say that this one exceeded my expectations. Going into it, I had the fear that the European event wouldn’t have the same feel or “cool” factor that the US events had going for them. The SLI party was killer. They waaay overbought on the food and alcohol, but Michael Labriola, the crazy Brit guy with the red hair (sorry, I forgot names) and their posse didn’t let it go to waste.

The sessions were good and there was a lot of quality there. Tom and John were cool as always when they put on a 360Flex conference. I’m definitely looking forward to San Jose.

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I was sitting here at 360Flex|Milan and I had a conversation with Michael Labriola about DragManagers in AIR. We both lamented that in Flexbuilder 3 beta 2, we were able to use both the NativeDragManager and the DragManager at the same time (albeit it was a bit hacky). In an earlier post, I demonstrated a MonkeyPatch that allowed you to use the Flex DragManager inside a WindowedApplication in AIR. This was great, but you lose the ability to use Native Dragging/Dropping in your AIR app. This evening, I was finally pissed off enough to rewrite the DragManager how I think Adobe SHOULD have done it in the first place. You use the DragManager class for both Native and Flex-based drag/drop and it’ll pretty much figure out which one you wanted to use. If you’re doing manual Native dragging OUT of your app, the doDrag() method has an additional boolean value at the end to specify that it’s supposed to begin a native drag operation. I’m not going to go into a ton of detail on how it was done, but the code is posted below with view-source enabled. DragManager and SystemManager have been MonkeyPatched.  It’s been liberally commented, so hopefully you can figure it out. Post a comment if you have trouble with it or it screws up because I missed catching a bug here or there.


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Here are my 3 articles for InsideRIA on Encryption in Flex applications.

Encryption in Flex Applications 1 – Simulate EncryptedLocalStore

Encryption in Flex Applications 2 – SWC AS3 Library Encryption

Encryption in Flex Applications 3 – NitroLM SWF Encryption

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