I just wanted to blog my initial impressions of FlexBuilder 3 after a day of use.  The IDE seems very much the same as the final beta.  There are some new feature there I know, but I haven’t really gotten into them yet.  It was nice that the AIR app descriptor didn’t change except for the version number between beta 3 and 1.0.  I was able to simply re-compile my AIR apps to get them going.  I did have one minor freakout incident when my Loader code wouldn’t load a swf file.  It gave me an error saying that Loader couldn’t load executable code.  My initial reaction was, “OH NO!  Adobe took away that feature!  #%$&*!!”  After perusing the documentation for awhile, I realized that they had just made the system a bit more secure in that they check to make sure you know what the heck you’re doing before allowing you to execute random code in your app.  The change Adobe made was to the LoaderContext class.  They added the property allowLoadBytesCodeExecution which defaulted to false.  A quick change to my code and all was well with the world again.  Very nice job Adobe.  I’m impressed.

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